Discover the most innovative and industry-committed system for the construction of factories and plants with special specifications.

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With Panel Rey, you get a lightweight and complete system for the construction of industrial facilities, receiving personalized professional advice. Obtain the greatest benefit from the development of engineering for the complete construction of factories, research and development centers, general plants, and any industrial facilities with special requirements and specifications. Enjoy:

  • Speed for construction.
  • Special treatment of walls.
  • Easy installation.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Protection against fire.
  • Workarounds.


The following are some recommendations that will help you perform a great work:


  • Reinforce doors and windows with double metal poles, placing a ¾ "x 2" wood corbel inside.
  • Place liner screws every 20 cm in extreme panel poles. For intermediate poles, every 30 cm.
  • For EIFS facade systems, use Glass Rey, R.E. or Permabase as substrate.
  • Place a fiberglass mat on partition walls, facades and soffits for thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Seal windows hermetically on the inside and outside with flexible silicone.