Discover the most innovative engineering system for the construction of universities, cultural centers, theaters and other institutions.

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With Panel Rey, you get a lightweight and complete system for the construction of all types of institutions, developing solutions with individual and whimsical designs for schools, universities, theaters, museums, community centers, etc.; receiving personalized professional advice.



  • Cleanliness in the work process.
  • A lighter structural system (savings in foundations).
  • Thermal insulation for facades (energy savings).
  • Acoustical solutions (great comfort).
  • Speed for construction.
  • Easy installation.


The following are some basic recommendations that will help you perform a great work:


  • Use of removable Armstrong panels for special architectural solutions.
  • For pole ties, place a 50 cm pole at the center of the tie and secure it with Tornipanel screws.
  • For partition walls, apply flexible sealer when fixing the channel to the floor or tiles.
  • Mix the compound mechanically before using it in joints. 
  • Apply base coating to the reinforcing mesh for facade systems.
  • Let the compound or base coating dry between coats.

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