Glass Rey INT Interior Sheathing Board

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  • Technical details
  • Assurances and certifications

Panel Rey GlassRey® Interior sheathing board is a gypsum board made of an incombustible, specially treated core that provides resistance to water absorption, protected on both sides by a mold and moisture resistant fiberglass coating.

  • Moisture resistant.
  • Warranty against deterioration or delamination for 12 months under normal weather conditions and recommended installation.
  • Mold resistance according to standard ASTM D3273.
  • Fire resistance according to standard ASTM E136.
  • Low emissions of VOCs to achieve credits in the LEED certification of buildings.
  • Dimensionally stable under temperature and humidity changes.
  • It can be installed in soffit applications in semi-exposed areas.

ThicknessWidth / Length
1/2" (12.7 mm)4' (1219 mm) / 8´(2438 mm)

The Glass Rey INT gypsum board has the Panel Rey quality warranty.