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  • Metal Studs >
    One of the main elements to form the light structure, it is typically used in a vertical position.
  • Fire Rey C Gypsum Board >
    Fireproof boards for interiors. Board fibers are resistant to high temperature, and have special additives that offer better performance.
  • Regular Gypsum Board >
    Inexpensive and practical. Ideal for covering and protecting newly built or refurbished walls and ceilings. Acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Fire Rey X Gypsum Board >
    Fireproof boards for interiors. Board fibers are resistant to high temperature, and offer safety and resistance in case of fires.
  • Flex Rey Gypsum Board >
    A light, practical, inexpensive and easy-to-install 1/4” gypsum board, with greater flexion than any other board; especially for curves and arches.
  • Glass Rey INT Interior Sheathing Board >
    Gypsum board made of an incombustible specially treated core, protected on both sides by a mold and moisture resistant fiberglass coating.
  • Light Rey Gypsum Board >
    Light, for ceilings and walls. Fireproof gypsum core. Covered on both sides with 100% recycled paper. Carefully ground edges.
  • Guard Rey Gypsum Board >
    Specially designed to provide protection against the growth of mold and microscopic fungi that is hazardous to your health.
  • Easy Set 15, 20, 45 and 90 >
    Light compound with an ideal controlled setting time for a variety of interior and outside applications; this product allows for immediate decoration.
  • Midweight Ready Mix Compound >
    Multipurpose paste designed especially for professional installers who require an easy and practical application and which adheres to the substrate.
  • Ultima Plus Ready Mix Compound >
    The best option for a smooth, manageable application and sliding. It is extremely easy to sand due to its properties of low density ready mix.
  • Ultima Light Ready Mix Compound >
    Multipurpose compound for treating fasteners and finishing joints and corners. 20% lighter than traditional compounds.
  • Metal Resilient Channel >
    Accessory to be placed as installation support for panels in wood or metal frames. Isolates noise.
  • “J” Trim >
    Innovative protection for the edges of the drywall.
  • Metal Tracks >
    Most often used horizontally, fixed to the floor and ceiling, combined with the metal pole to form the light structure of the dividing wall.
  • “L” Trim >
    To protect the edges of the drywall.
  • Metal Corner Bead >
    Protects the corners of the drywalls and its edges.
  • Joint Tape >
    Innovations developed by Panel Rey, for use in treating, reinforcing and finishing joints and corners of drywall.